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Administrative Board

Our administrative E-Board is composed of students, that ensure the smooth oversight of the organization; which includes the planning of weekly drills, simulations, professional development, and social events.

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Caroline Gilmore Headshot 2023 - Caroline Gilmore.png
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Cormac Brown

Cormac, co-president, is a senior pursuing a double major in Middle East Studies and Arabic Studies. He is interested in linguistics, and spent this summer in Jordan! 

SCS_Submission - Cassandra Micah.jpg
Cassandra Micah

Cassie, co-president, is an International Affairs and peace studies major, looking forward to graduating this year! She is interested in international crime and Pacific Island affairs, as well as conflict-resolution. 

Caroline Gilmore

Caroline is a junior, and Vice President of Administration. She is studying International Affairs, and she is also interested in peacebuilding, human rights, and the prevention of violations of political rights. 

FDFE6817-68E2-4E0F-80AD-128793A2F86D - Diana Lorch.jpg
Diana Lorch

Diana is a Vice President of Outreach, and a junior studying International Affairs and GIS! She is also interested in development and politics! You can find her fencing for GW or learning more about Latin America.

Aly Sweeney

Aly is a sophomore and Vice President of Outreach. She's studying International Affairs and biology, and super interested in public health and disaster medicine. Outside of SCS, she likes cooking.

IMG_8870 - Beckett Fordahl.jpg

Beckett is  a VP of Programming and a sophomore studying history and political science. He is interested in labor law and loves his many cats very much.

Beckett Fordahl
Zachary Miller

Zach is a VP of Programming and looking forward to graduating this winter! He is studying criminal justice and political science. You might also see Zach learning about American politics, or running around campus!

IMG_1164_Original - Anna Sun.jpg
Anna Sun

Anna is a VP of Programming and junior studying International Affairs, Arabic and GIS! She's interested in cybersecurity, conflict resolution and fencing.  

Programming Board

IMG_1505 - Calvin Hodges.jpg
Aiden Milne

Aiden is a sophomore who is interested in international development and history. Originally from Rhode Island, Aiden is very talented at making hot chocolate. 

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Kyle Yang

Kyle is a junior from Pennsylvania and he is interested in history and China. He spent this summer in China!

IMG_3417 - Lily Huang.jpg
Lily Huang

Lily is a sophomore form Massachesetts and China! She is interested in Asia and gender in International Affairs. Her fun fact is she was nearly kidnapped in Japan!

Calvin Hodges

Calvin is a sophomore interested in political science! Originally from California, you can find him fencing or building custom computer keyboards.

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Marcus Flynn

Marcus is a New Hampsire native and he is studying international development! He has been a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master for five years.

IMG_0560 - Parker Krex.jpg
Parker Krex

Parker is a sophomore from Illinois and he is descended from a member of the Irish House of Commons! He is interested in political science and history.

Kate Senior Pic - Katherine Beliveau.jpg
Kate Beliveau

Kate is interested in Europe and Eurasia, German language and literature and international politics! She is a sophomore from Illinois and is a 4th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo! 

IMG_6147 - Paul Becker.jpg
Paul Becker

Paul is originally from Germany. A sophomore, he is interested in security policy and economics. He is also technically four years old!

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