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Simulations Directorate

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Alexander Chang


Class of 2021

Favorite Simulation: Fractured Alliance 2019

Favorite Crisis Drill: Bitter Hope

Fun fact: Alexander collects incorrect historical maps!

Alexander is a senior at the Elliott School of International Affairs, originally from Newton, MA. An International Politics major and History minor, Alexander is particularly interested in nuclear policy, diplomatic history, and emerging threats. He previously interned at the Progressive Policy Institute, the National Security Archive, and the START Consortium at UMD. He recently published a paper on American-Soviet nuclear negotiations in the GW Undergraduate Review. Outside of class and work, Alexander is an avid squash player, hiker, baker, coffee addict, and NPR listener. 

IMG_20200729_164127 - Sterling Richmond.

Sterling Richmond

Vice President of Simulations

Class of 2021

Major: National Security Policy; GIS minor 

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Areas of Interest: Defense policy and procurement 

Favorite Simulation: Collision Course

Favorite Crisis Drill: The Final Verse

Fun fact: Sterling made a spreadsheet that emailed him debug logs, and now it haunts his dreams! 

I am a Senior from Louisville, Kentucky studying International Affairs at the Elliott School with a concentration in Security Policy and a minor in GIS. I specialize in U.S. military doctrine, policy, and procurement, sometimes too narrowly. I have been involved in SCS since my Freshman year, and I believe SCS is one of the most unique and valuable student organizations run by undergraduates at any institution in the country. We teach about the practice of international affairs in a way no one else can, and though participating in and designing SCS events I have developed skills and assimilated lessons I otherwise probably would not have had until midway through my career. First and foremost SCS is a learning community, and I hope that we are able to draw in an even more diverse pool of people to our events in the future. Outside of SCS, I work for Aviation Week profiling military aircraft and tracking military fleets in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. During this unfortunate public health emergency I am baking cookies, hiking in the foothills of central Kentucky, repeatedly making wrong turns off the interstate and crossing the same toll bridge over and over and over again (I blame the signage), and spending time with my cats (one of whom is the clear favorite but both of whom are deeply appreciated).

semi headshot - Blaise Schaefer.png

Blaise Schaefer

Vice President of Programming

Class of 2022

Major: National Security Policy

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Areas of Interest: Maps! Wargaming!

Favorite Simulation: Rising Tides 

Favorite Crisis Drill: Forgotten Fallout

Fun fact: Blaise has watched the entirety of Grey's Anatomy three times!

Hello everyone! I'm a junior from Phoenix, Arizona! The DC area has become my favorite place in the entire world and the SCS team, my favorite people. Outside of SCS, I am on the executive board for Sigma Iota Rho and enjoy strategy or role playing games (real shocker). I hope to eventually go into the security field and think that SCS has allowed me to develop skills I can use for the rest of my life - on top of the lifelong friends it has given me.