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Simulations Directorate Overview

All SCS simulations are designed and managed by the Simulations Directorate.  The Directorate is a component of the SCS Executive Board who are appointed to their posts, not elected.  Each year during the spring semester, freshmen may apply to join the Simulations Directorate.  For more information about our Executive Board and current staff, visit the About page.

The Directorate is responsible for the four annual simulations SCS runs.  They work to not only coordinate logistics with the Executive Board, but to manage the Writing Team, design gameplay elements, and execute each simulation.  Perhaps most importantly, each VP of Simulations has a philosophy that they develop and refine over the course of the academic year, in order to set goals for education, participation, and the organization as a whole.  Simulation topics may vary from year to year, but the Directorate works hard to provide varied, educational, and engaging programming for students and young professionals at all times.

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